I started working as an assistant professor
at Okayama University🐜🐝


I presented my poster on social bucket behaviour in Diacamma ant at the Annual Meeting of Japan Ethological Society.

“To drink or carry? Social bucket behaviour in a monomorphic ponerine ant”
Haruna Fujioka (OCUUniversity of Fribourg), Ken Naganawa (TMU),  Adria C. LeBoeuf (UNIFR)

All illustration by 永繩ケン/KEN Naganawa 
Twitter @laramidianax 

1 May 2021

I moved to Fribourg, Switzerland!!😍
As a JSPS fellow, I work at LeBoeuf group, University of Fribourg.


Our new paper ‘Individual Ants Do Not Show Activity-Rest Rhythms in Nest Conditions’ is available in Journal of Biological Rhythms!
We measured individual daily rhythms of locomotor activity by the image-based tracking system Bugtag using 2D barcode tags.

Fujioka, Haruna, Masato S. Abe, and Yasukazu Okada. “Individual Ants Do Not Show Activity-Rest Rhythms in Nest Conditions.” Journal of Biological Rhythms (2021): 07487304211002934.


I had a great time at the meeting of the Japanese Society Applied Entomology and Zoology.  I‘m very happy many people came to visit my poster 🙂 


New & My FIRST Network paper is out!
We proposed new methodological approaches to ant-task networks at the individual, module and network levels.

Haruna Fujioka*, Yasukazu Okada, Masato S. Abe*.
“Bipartite network analysis of ant-task associations reveals task groups and absence of colonial daily activity”
Royal Society Open Science (2021). doi: doi.org/10.1098/rsos.201637


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藤岡春菜    Haruna Fujioka CV

Assistant Professor
Insect Ecology Lab,
Department of Agriculture, Okayama University

Animal behaviour, Sociobiology, Chronobiology
Social insect, Ant, Ponerine ant, Diacamma
Circadian activity rhythm, Biological clock
Social interaction, Image-based tracking
Trophallaxis, Social Bucket

email:  fujioka.ha[a]gmail.com

Address (Japan)
Okayama University

1-1-1, Tsushimanaka, Kita-ku
Okayama city, Okayama, Japan